Women size guide

Elloris bracelets are hand made custom for you once you order. This makes it very important to have an accurate measurement of your wrist so we can ensure your bracelet fits perfectly.

We created a Size Guide so you can send us your measurement. Using a fabric measuring tape measure the circumference of your wrist above the wrist bone. Pull the tape so that is snug to your skin but not tight. Make sure to measure from zero. Mark where it overlaps

Don't have a measuring tape?

If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a piece of string or a thin strip of paper. wrap it around your wrist above the wrist bone snugly but not tight. Mark where it overlaps, then lay the string (or the paper strip) back out on a strait ruler to get your measurement. Make sure to measure from zero.

When ordering your bracelet, please specify the exact number on the measuring tape. For your convenience we have some standard sizes available in a drop down menu, if the sizes do not match your measurement enter your measurement into the custom field.

It is very important that selecting your wrist size from the drop-down menu you choose the actual wrist measurement. DO NOT ADD at all to this measurement. We will do the calculations and depending on the clasp, the leather, the beads or the findings we will add an extra space to your bracelet so it fits perfect to your wrist (not too tight, not to lose). Usually, the bracelet size is the wrist size measurement that you choose plus 2cm (3/4”).

Example: Wrist Size 18cm. Bracelet = 18cm+ 2cm= 20cm for perfect fit.

WARNING: Measuring with a thicker string like paracord can skew your wrist size by 0.6 cm (0.25inches) or more.

Aeriko Br


Please don’t choose a wrist size option unless you have read the Size Guide.

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Size Guide

Aeriko’s strengths unfold from ideas that actually generate excitement. Hence everything that is new and unknown peaks your interest.

Aeriko Br is an elegant, unequaled bracelet 20mm width, a combination of shiny black caviar flat genuine leather cords and round silver genuine leather cords with a rhinestones-decorated large labradorite semi-precious stone and sterling silver plated Zamak beads. It closes with a strong sterling silver plated Zamak clasp.

Aeriko is a breathtaking accessory for memorable women! You can pair it with Aeriko necklace in a marvelous set.